Brother And Sister Match on Tinder – Whoops

A brother and sister on twitter matched with each other over the weekend which means at some point BOTH of them swiped right.  My questions is who gets to feel more of the shame in this situation?  Here’s the akward conversation that ensued after they matched with each other.


The clear answer to this question is the mom for raising both of these kids but for now lets leave her out of the equation.  I’m saying its the sister in this case despite the fact that the brother was the one to initially swipe right.  Hear me out…

You ever just hanging out, scrolling through facebook and someone you havent spoken to in years posts an album of say them on vacation.  Lots of bikini pics going on in the album.  You are scrolling through, pretty much on autopilot just swiping and then all of a sudden by accident your finger hits the like button.  You didnt mean to press it, you tense up, not sure what to do.  Its too late, the damage is done, you’d take it back if you could but that ship has sailed.  That is what i see going on with the brother here.  Hes under 18 years old and just swiping non-stop playing the law of averages hoping someone will swipe back, barely even looking at the pictures.  He finishes a swipe and immediately realizes that the last photo was eerily similar and looked like his sister.  Its too late, you cant go back, honest mistake.

On the other hand you have the sister who you know is looking over each and every picture and profile judging all of these guys when she comes across her brother.  She found her man, she swipes thinking he will never know and then boom, due to his careless mistake it shows they match.  He’s creeped out, calls her out knowing his swipe was a mistake and wondering what the hell is wrong with her.  She runs and tells her mom to get out in front of the story.  What do you think?





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