Snake it till you make it


Coconuts/Bankok: Sometimes when movie-like (or perhaps sitcom-like) moments occur in the real world, you’re left baffled, wondering just how exactly this could have actually taken place. One of those moments happened last night, when a suspect locked up for alleged drug trafficking tricked an Ayutthaya police officer into entering his jail cell — by claiming there was a snake inside — then simply snuck out behind him and closed the door.


What’s your next move in life if you are the cop in this situation.  Do you even get a move?  I think you are legally obligated to take over the charges and sentence for the criminal that outsmarted you.  In this case that’s for possession and intent to sell 96 Yaba tablets which is a mixture of Meth and Caffeine.  I would assume this would carry a minimum of a few years in prison which would give the cop some time to think about whether or not he wants to take work a little more seriously.

Assuming your job has pity on you and lets you out of the cell you have to quit and move away, no?  Find some job where your subjects cant speak and make you look like a fool.  Maybe a post an aquarium just making sure the fish stay in the water or something.  Or do you just chalk it up to a good story going forward that’s going to follow you around forever.  If its me, I’m out.

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