BUS-t a Move – So Close

jalopnik: Back in 2012, the city of Vladivostok, Russia opened a shiny new bridge over the Zolotoy Rog Bay to make life easier for everyone, and then in 2015 they stopped letting people cross it on foot. Now the people have had enough, and they’re taking action.

There has been a lot of protest about the vehicle-only rules enforced on the bridge over the years, but as RT has reported, the government hasn’t budged, citing four suicide attempts and an unsafe width.

But the latest protest has come in the form of four people in a bus-shaped cutout. From what I can tell from the video taken by a very entertained driver, the brave and strong group made it pretty far before being chased down by someone and forced to turn around.I wonder what gave them away?



This is an unbelievable effort by these people.  6 years ago the city opened up a new walking bridge to make everyone’s lives easier getting over the city’s smelly bog.  3 years later they just say screw it and no longer allow pedestrians.  Well after 3 additional years of thought these 4 men decided that the time was right.  This is where they make their stand.  So what did they do?


They broke out their best pair of scissors, headed on down to their local Mikhails store to get their craft supplies, and created this masterpiece that to be honest probably has more options than my Hyundai Elantra.


Everything about this story is great until you get to the part where they ALMOST made it all the way across, were spotted by the authorities, and forced to walk their asses all the way back to where they started.  They made it that far, give them a ticket, slap a fine on them, do whatever.  But let them at least finish their walk across so they can feel some sort of success.


I wonder how the walk back was?  Did they at least finish the journey back all together and still inside the “bus”.  It reminds me of way back in high school heading to your sporting event.  Everyone is excited on the ride there, ready to go, pumped to put the beat down on the opponent.  You can feel the energy in the air.  Then your team gets smoked.  That bus ride home feels like you are at a funeral.  Dead silent, you can hear a pin drop, all that energy from earlier in the day is nowhere to be found.

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