$1.5 Billion Lottery Ticket Unclaimed – Foul Play? An Investigation


Its been a few weeks now since the winning $1.5 billion, with a B, was sold in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  The ticket still remains unclaimed.  Many people are saying that the winner either doesnt realize they have won, or they are getting their affairs together before they declare themselves the winner.  In theory this makes sense but here is why in the same situation I would never let this much time pass.

1) There is a 100% chance that I lose the ticket within the first week

2) I just won $1.5 billion, gimme my money and most importantly

Image result for duck diving in money

3) In South Carolina the winner can remain anonymous so realistically I could get the check and no one would be the wiser.  It is not like many states that make the winner come forward and do a big publicity event.


Going back to that last point, this seems pretty convenient that a record breaking lottery ticket happens to be sold in a town that sounds like it is made up, in a state that doesnt require the winner to come forward.  Is it possible that there is no real winner for this lottery and its one big conspiracy for some kind of bigger authority to just pick up a quick 1.5 B for their coffers.  Tough to say………….stay tuned

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