Filly Special – Man charged after Horseplay

The Smoking Gun: A Pennsylvania man who admitted having sex on several occasions with a miniature horse has pleaded guilty to his perversity, but will not spend any time behind bars, according to court records.

In a deal with prosecutors, Travis Wagner, 22, recently copped to a pair of misdemeanor charges–trespassing and sexual intercourse with an animal. Wagner was originally charged with burglary, a felony, in connection with incidents at a barn in Ephrata, a rural Lancaster County borough.

Wagner, was sentenced to two years probation and directed to pay nearly $2200 in fines and court costs. A judge also ordered Wagner to “have no contact with the victim and or victim’s family.”

After identifying Wagner as the suspected trespasser, cops interviewed him at his residence. During questioning, Wagner confessed that he had entered the barn to have sex with the miniature horse on at least three occasions and “admitted to inserting his penis into the miniature horse for approximately ten minutes and subsequently ejaculating into the horse’s rectum.”

Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Amish Country. Things get weird sometimes and you know what, I’m ok with that. Maybe you are out on a walk in the middle of nowhere, nothing but fields around, you look in the distance and see that horse staring back at you. Next thing you know……….

But the real questionable part of this story is where they say “A judge also ordered Wagner to “have no contact with the victim and or victim’s family.”.

I have soooo many questions.

1) Who are the victims? The owners of the horse? Or the horse?

2) If it’s the owners of the horse, does the horse still count as part of their family? If not, does that mean the horse can still travel to go see his man as long as the owners and their family aren’t around?

3) If it’s the horse, do they still draw up an order of protection? In a county full of horses, how does the offender know for sure which ones are part of his girl’s family? Does the horse even get a say in this?

And that’s our new segment called Just Horsing Around. (That will hopefully never be returning)

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