Woman Suing for $5 MILLION because her Vegan butter is not real butter. Wait What?

NY Post: A Long Island woman is suing a vegan “butter” maker, claiming its product is not similar enough to the real thing to call it butter.

Jasmine Brown of Suffolk County filed suit in Brooklyn federal court against Miyoko’s Kitchen, Inc., a company that manufactures “cultured vegan butter.’’

Brown’s lawsuit charges that Miyoko’s packaging is “misleading because … the products lack any milk or dairy ingredients” and they also don’t have the nutritional and sensory“ attributes which consumers associate with butter.”

The vegan butter “basks in dairy’s ‘halo’ by using familiar terms to invoke positive traits,” the suit says.

Meanwhile, consumers pay “a premium price” of at least $6.99 for the butter substitute, which they would expect “to resemble butter” but are instead “deceived” by the product, the suit claims.

Brown “paid this premium because prior to purchase, [she] saw and relied on the misleading representations,” the suit says.

The potential class-action lawsuit is seeking at least $5 million in damages for alleged negligent misrepresentation, breach of warranty, fraud and unjust enrichment.

5 MILLION DOLLARS????? She’s suing for 5 MILLION because her $6.99 vegan butter is not vegan. I don’t understand where these people come up with these numbers for these lawsuits. What’s the end goal? Ask for 5 million and settle for like $100 and a case of real butter?? I guess it’s more than nothing. How does the judge look at what the case is about, and the amount and conduct a hearing with a straight face?

On the other hand this could work out in the end. If this lady somehow gets paid out this will scare the crap out of vegan suppliers everywhere eventually leading to no more vegan restaurants, no more vegans, and noone telling me that my delicious rib eye had a face. (RIP TYFYS cows)

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