CMX Cinebistro 62nd St Manhattan

Last night I ended up getting a side gig with a buddy of mine. There was an exclusive Grand Opening for the new CMX Cinebistro in Manhattan on 62nd St. We were operating a laser show along side the dj on the top floor. Its been open a few weeks now and I have heard nothing but great things. I wandered around and checked out one of the theaters, very luxurious, very comfortable and the food looks great.

They had a few screenings going for the attendees although it didnt seem like many people really went in to watch them. Most seemed to be hopping bar to bar and floor to floor inside the building. I dont know exactly what movies were being screened but I do know one was a Spike Lee joint and the other was a Brooke Shields movie. Great time, great venue I would recommend everyone go check it out. Here’s a couple pictures and videos from the event. Enjoy!



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