Would you rather be a dwarf or 7’7?

Look at this guy.  He’s huge and he’s got a great jumper (standing jumper?) If he gets a little more muscle and speed he’s an absolute shoe in for the NBA.  But being big has its struggle too in terms of health, life expectancy, and being able to fit in pretty much all places.


With that in mind, would you rather be 7’7″ or a dwarf.   To be fair lets make all things equal?  Equal life expectancy, equal amount of money, neither have to work for a living but they aren’t overly rich so they still have to go out every day and be with the common folk.  Whose life do you choose?

I think I gotta go with the little man on this one.  The picture above is a little extreme but I have seen little people big world and they really dont have it that bad.  Custom homes, kitchens and chairs.  And I GET TO RIDE A SCOOTER!  The grocery store would be a little rough but for once it would give me a legitimate reason to break out the alligator grabber toy.

Which would you pick?

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