Quick Job Search Update

Every now and then I’ll throw in a personal blog about where I’m at with the job search or about any other random shit from my life that comes up. Won’t be too often but here’s what’s going on in the job search.

Had a couple calls yesterday and today regarding possible jobs. One in Manhattan for a startup that deals with financing small businesses. Not sure I want to deal with the commute to manhattan but willing to hear them out if I get the interview (looks like I should).

Also talked to a guy I have known from past business who owned a Software Development firm. He is potentially looking to add someone to the sales side of his business.

Another person I’ve talked to owns a development firm overseas that wants a partner here in the states. He’s given me a pretty decent offer with great potential but it is all based on a test run. May go into this in more detail if I do it but I need to think about it.

We’ll see what happens.

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