Who likes a good scam?

I was messing around on twitter today and I came across a thread with the title “What is the biggest everyday scam that people put up with” and it reminded me of a funny situation from years ago.

I was living in what was essentially a frat house at the time although we were all 27/28 yrs old.  Half of us were bartenders at local spots so basically every night was a who can get drunker than who contest.

After one of these nights i passed out and woke up the next morning to my phone ringing and a voice on the other end saying “I didnt even know you went to London, are you ok?”  I knew I recognized the voice but I was too hungover to look at my phone and way too tired to open my eyes, so naturally I just assumed I somehow blacked out and made my way to London.  Back then anything was possible.

I finally composed myself, realized it was my uncle, who was now asking me where to send the $1,500 i need.    What the fuck is this guy talking about.

Turns out my email was hacked and he was getting emails saying my stuff was lost and I needed $1,500 wired to me immediately.  AND MY UNCLE WAS READY TO DO IT!  I appreciate the thought but dude, really.  Want to buy my oceanfront property in Denver?  Ill sell it to you real cheap since I already have 40 million dollars waiting for me from a Nigerian prince as soon as I send him my bank account info.

What are some scams that you see out there that people continuously fall for that you shake your head at and say, Why?


Image result for nigerian prince meme

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