I Started a Blog….What Now?

Being that this is the first post I think I need to knock all of the boring details out of the way so we can move along and get to the fun stuff.  First things first, my name is CJ (it really isn’t), I am currently in-between jobs, got bored and figured I might as well start blogging to pass some time while I am on the job search as well as afterword.


The original idea came in a very relaxed, stoned state where I had the concept of creating a blog called “From Zero to a Million”.  It would basically be my journey from being in between jobs and a ton of debt to a new job, the future, and getting myself out of debt and living the comfortable life.  It would be a mix of personal details on my journey as well as some stuff that I just think is funny or have a take on.  Whether the blog is about one of my sports teams or is about someone being born with 7 feet overseas that I found an urge to write about  I will always try and keep it not so serious.   You won’t really find me talking politics because frankly its a losing battle no matter which way you look at things.  Ill stick to things I know, like poop jokes, and sports.


Now who am I?  I am 35 and I live in New York.  I’ve been married for a few years and have no complaints outside the usual annoyances of any marriage.  The wife is chill, laid back, likes sports, and is a saint for dealing with me on a daily basis.


Why am I in between jobs?  I have been in the construction industry for 6 years, had an old employer approach me about starting a new department in their business and to really noone’s fault unfortunately it didn’t work out.  We still keep in touch today.  At the end of August we parted ways and I have been on the job search since.  You would think being able to relax for a bit would be great but you get bored after a couple of days and after that it is just monotonous.  So I figure what the hell, lets blog.


As I mentioned earlier I am going by CJ but its not my real name.  The reason I am doing that is I really don’t have an exact plan for these blogs and don’t know what direction they are going to go in.  We are just going to play it by ear, see how everything goes (job search and just the weird blog posts in general).  I also don’t want to jeopardize myself anyway career wise if anyone I end up working with happens to stumble upon this blog.   Not to mention the potential THC talk that may go on as I try some of the new product that New York State has licensed me to consume!  Cant have any potential employers hearing about this.


I want to try and make this blog very inclusive.  Anything you find that you would like to possible be blogged send my way.  Nothing is out of bounds in terms of topics, NSFW, etc. (except for politics, you can leave that shit at the door)


Send Tips to brokeonrecord@gmail.com


PS:  One blog in and i’m sick of contractions.  Don’t expect many apostrophe’s from here on out




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